Film gives users the ability to get higher resolution images.

Eastman Kodak Company's Commercial & Government Systems unit (C&GS) of Rochester, N.Y., announced a new aerial film that provide users with the ability to derive more information from sharper, higher-resolution images. KODAK AEROCHROME III MS Color Reversal Film 2427 provides nearly twice the resolution and more optimized color and tone reproduction while maintaining the same film speed as its predecessor the KODAK AEROCHROME II MS Film 2448. These new features provide more detailed, sharper images, which allows you to quickly distinguish between land features.

As a high-resolution, color alternative, KODAK AEROCHROME III Film 2427 is ideal for use in low to high-altitude aerial mapping, reconnaissance, surveying, and general land management photography applications. The new film will be available for orders on February 15, 2002.

These new films are Eastman Kodak’s latest contributions to infoimaging– a $225 billion industry created by the convergence of images and information technology.