Series gets contractor to grade faster and more accurately.

Trimble introduced its new Spectra Precision Laser GL700 series of grade transmitters. Each model in the GL700 series is designed for simple setup and use, and delivers high accuracy over a variety of existing machine control, general construction and agricultural applications to perform grade work.

The GL700 series uses advanced technology that offers higher stability and more consistent accuracy over wide areas as well as automating complex alignments. After identifying specific jobsite requirements, contractors can choose from several different models ranging from economical single grade transmitters to advanced, long-range radio remote controlled dual grade transmitters.

The Automatic Axis Alignment features allows contractors to align either side of any grade axis to wihin 40 degrees of the remote point. This one-person operation allows contractors to roughly align the transmitter with the new Long-Range Radio Remote, which provides immediate confirmation fo the alignment.

This new exclusive two-way remote control allows access to all transmitter functions and grades. The GL700's wireless control allows the operator to remotely change grade, reverse grade direction for road crown construction, change grade without a ladder, and to automatically align the grade. The GL700 family is accurate over long ranges, covering any size jobsite with a minimum of laser moves. Due to this improved project efficiency, the operator does not have to get out of the cab to change the setting or need a second person to adjust the settings.

Another new feature for the series, Planelok, virtually eliminates beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation and remaining exactly at that elevation all day regardless of wind or temperature changes.

Grade Match Mode allows the contractor to simply set the receiver at the same height as the transmitter, which will then automatically match and display the grade when controlled from the wireless remote at the desired distance from the transmitter.