After one year of development effort, PCI Geomatics is pleased to announce the release of its latest PCI Software Development Kit (SDK). The new kit supports Geomatica 9, PCI Geomatics' most recent geospatial software solution. The new PCI Geomatics Software Development Kit also includes improvements to PACE program tool libraries, additions to format support through the GeoGateway, and enhancements to Visual Basic and Java programming capabilities.

The PCI Geomatics Software Development Kit, with a collection of over 150 subroutines, provides new and experienced users with the flexibility to customize their Geomatica 9 software environment and better communicate with geospatial databases. Users can establish new and specialized workflows to suit their primary needs, make modifications to the Geomatica 9 software interface, and connect to supported peripherals, as required.

One key advantage is that the PACE Toolkit allows users to integrate their own algorithms directly into the Geomatica 9 software environment. Once created with the SDK, these customized programs can be shared with - and used by - any licensed Geomatica user.

The PCI Geomatics GeoGateway technology now boasts supports for well over 100 spatial data formats and recently introduced Visual Basic and Java programming capabilities have been dramatically improved. Customers familiar with the development kit will find programming and interface modifications that have been included to help with basic user operations.

According to Paul Lenson, leader of the Development Environment Team at PCI Geomatics, "The PCI Software Development Kit is an essential reference for developers seeking to tailor our software to their needs. It includes important technical programming information, sample code and documentation, and scripting additions. This is the smoothest-working customizable programming and development environment that we have developed for PCI Geomatics customers to date."

The PCI Software Development Kit supports PCI Geomatics' flagship geospatial software solution, Geomatica 9, which began arriving on customer desks in June 2003. GIS capabilities, hyperspectral tools, and an exclusive new hyperspectral data compression technology top the list of improvements and additions for the new Geomatica 9. A completely integrated solution, Geomatica 9 provides superior geomatics capabilities and productivity enhancing features within a seamless "all-in-one" environment for remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, and cartographic processing. The PCI Software Development Kit supports Geomatica 9 and all of the built in Geomatica 9 software code libraries.

Source: PCI Geomatics, August 25, 2003