First CAD software vendor to be distinguished as a member of this Microsoft partnering program.

GiveMePower Corporation has been accepted as a Microsoft Corporation Windows Embedded Partner, the first computer-aided design (CAD) software vendor to be distinguished as a member of this prestigious Microsoft partnering program.

The Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEP) is a strategic worldwide initiative dedicated to providing partners with increased business opportunity, market awareness and technology advantage for Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded computing solutions. The largest program of its kind, WEP includes many of the world’s leading hardware and software companies, including Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Macromedia, NEC, Rockwell, Siemens, Samsung, TDS, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Trimble Navigation, and ViewSonic.

“It is a testament to our technology and our development team that we are the first, and to date only CAD vendor to become a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner,” states Bill Walton, President and CEO of GiveMePower. “Becoming a Windows Embedded Partner allows us to reach virtually all of the world’s leading mobile device manufacturers who can benefit by including our Windows CE .NET-based CAD technology as a value-added component on their devices.”

Leveraging the Company’s position as the only current provider of full-featured 2 and 3-dimensional CAD and digital blueprint processing for Windows CE .NET computing, GiveMePower gains access to a wide range of Microsoft resources designed to assist the Company in bringing their PowerCAD CE mobile and wireless CAD solutions to market faster. Key benefits available to the Company include:

  • Listing GiveMePower in the Windows Embedded Marketplace, reaching thousands of potential partners and customers who may be interested in embedding PowerCAD CE as a value-added component on their Windows CE .NET hardware devices.
  • Promoting GiveMePower solutions through the Microsoft WEP InfoBlast newsletter, reaching 3,500+ partners and Fortune 1,000 companies who have requested to receive the latest Windows Embedded product news.
  • Increasing GiveMePower exposure to key press, analysts and customers by issuing Microsoft supported press releases promoting the latest PowerCAD embedded solutions.
  • Using the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner logo, distinguishing GiveMePower as a member of the industry’s largest partner base with specialized development expertise on Windows Embedded platforms.
  • Submitting GiveMePower customer case studies, eligible for exposure on
  • Generating more sales leads and gaining greater market exposure by participating and exhibiting along side Microsoft in the Microsoft booth at Windows Embedded trade shows.
  • Advertising in the Microsoft Windows Embedded Resource Guide, with a circulation of 100,000 copies between trade magazines and Microsoft Windows Embedded trade shows.

For more information on GiveMePower products and services, or to download free trial versions of GiveMePower products, call 1-888-97-POWER (toll free US/Canada), or visit the Company’s website at For more information on Microsoft Windows Embedded partners, visit