new extension to ESRI's ArcGIS software.

Telemorphic Inc., a leading innovator of GIS and geographic imaging solutions, announces MapImager, an extension to ESRI's ArcGIS software.

MapImager adds powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use geographic imaging and visualization capabilities to the ArcGIS desktop. MapImager includes simple intuitive tools which provide ArcGIS novice and professional users alike the ability to quickly compare scanned maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and vector GIS data layers in order to interactively identify changes or differences in real-time. Specific functions include one-button toggle and slider bar controls for fast and efficient interactive swipe overlay, blend and merge data fusion, morphing, and band substitution operations. The resulting custom image products can then be saved and/or added into the current ArcMap document. MapImager works with any geospatial data that can be ingested and displayed within the ArcGIS environment, regardless of whether the data resides on the user's local disk as a personal geodatabase, is being served to the user's desktop as an ArcSDE data layer, or is being accessed from Internet GIS resources such as Web Services, Internet Map Services, or the Geography Network. MapImager's enhanced vector and image data visualization capabilities are an ideal addition to many ArcGIS-based solutions within a wide range of applications, including Defense & Intelligence, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Natural Resource Management, Forestry, and Agriculture to name a few. Best of all, MapImager is so intuitive and easy-to-use, even novice ArcGIS users can master it within minutes.

MapImager does not require that the user install other ArcGIS extensions in order to operate. However, it is compatible with other extensions, offering a very affordable way to add MapImager's powerful data visualization tools for enhancing productivity and expanding capabilities when used with other ArcGIS extensions such as those for spatial analysis, image analysis, and feature extraction.

ArcGIS is a scalable family of software products comprising a complete geographic information system (GIS) built on industry standards that provide exceptional, yet easy to use, capabilities right out of the box. ArcGIS is used for the creation, management, integration, analysis, display, and dissemination of spatial data. Strong visualization, editing, and analysis, along with advanced data management, distinguish the ArcGIS software family as the leading GIS software. Much more than a specialized offering for a small niche of specialists, ArcGIS is designed as a scalable system that can be deployed in every organization, from an individual desktop to a globally distributed network of people.

ArcGIS extensions dramatically extend the functional capabilities of the ArcGIS Desktop products, which include ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo. GIS users worldwide can use ArcGIS and extensions to maximize the potential benefits of geographic information and address specific GIS application requirements.