Eagle Point will combine its industry-leading SMI field software applications with the Allegro CE data collection unit.

Eagle Point and Juniper Systems Inc. recently announced a partnership that expands Eagle Point's line of SMI field survey technology solutions. By combining its industry-leading SMI field software applications with the rugged and powerful Allegro CE data collection unit, Eagle Point now delivers a lightweight and comfortable solution that withstands the oftentimes harsh environment in which surveyors work.

"We are excited to partner with Eagle Point," states Debbie Trolson, Juniper Systems' North American Sales Manager. "Eagle Point's substantial presence and leadership status in the land development industry provides us outstanding opportunities to effectively reach surveyors and deliver a durable, rugged, and innovative data collection computer."

For Eagle Point, combining the Allegro Field PC data collection unit with SMI software helps fulfill their goals.

"Our partnership with Juniper allows us to provide our clients with an extremely rugged waterproof collector that operates on a fast Windows CE operating system," explains Mike Lyons, Eagle Point's VP of Client Relationships. "By combining the software capabilities of our SMI product line with superior hardware from Juniper Systems, we can best meet the ever-evolving technology needs of surveyors in a complete system."

Surveyors, who are collectively preparing for the imminent demise of the HP 48 professional calculator that has served the industry for many years, have been anticipating the next generation of field data collection equipment. After sampling and using the Allegro Field PC units, many surveyors believe that Allegro is the next standard-bearer.

"It was announced by Hewlett-Packard months ago that they are no longer producing the HP 48 product line of calculators," explains Lyons. "After significant research, we have identified the Allegro as the new data collector that is an even better long-term solution."