The S-CAT listing will enable clients from all levels of government to access Laser-Scan's technologies and skills.

Laser-Scan has been awarded an S-CAT framework agreement for category 15, GIS software.

Category 15 is one of 3 new categories to be added to the S-CAT catalogue for 2003 ( and will help public sector organisations in their selection of GIS products and services. As part of this agreement Laser-Scan's products and services are recommended for use by Local and Central Government. Laser-Scan is able to supply the following services:

  • Strategic and Technical Consultancy
  • Evaluation, analysis and management of geospatial data
  • GIS application and software development
  • Provision of software value added services
  • Training
  • Webmap authoring.

Laser-Scan has been providing advanced technologies and services to government organisations such as Ordnance Survey, UKHO and RAF for 25 years. In particular, Laser-Scan technology was instrumental in the development of OS MasterMap. These technologies are now available as extensions and components within mainstream IT architectures, integrating industry standard technologies such as Oracle and Java. The S-CAT listing will enable clients from all levels of government to easily access Laser-Scan's industry-leading technologies and skills.

Laser-Scan's Managing Director Dr Michael Sanderson said:

"This is a huge endorsement for Laser-Scan. We already have satisfied customers in the public sector; this agreement paves the way for more organisations to benefit from our technology as they gear up for their 2005 targets."

S-CAT is a catalogue based procurement scheme to provide public sector organisations with a simplified means of procuring, and contracting for a wide range of consultancy and specialist services from a variety of service providers. S-CAT meets public sector's requirements in the following areas:

IT Consultancy, Services & Related Products including GIS: Provision of Consultancy and Services to deliver departmental IT, Telecoms and GIS requirements.
Financial Services: Including Accountancy, Audit, Finance related consultancy, Financial risk management consultancy, Advice on PPP including Market Testing / Outsourcing, PFI.
Management & Business Consultancy: Client side support for business and organisational strategic change needs.
Human Resources: Including Human Resources related consultancy, Interim Management of professional and managerial staff, Recruitment services, Training, and Body Shop supply of IT specialist and general administration personnel.
Business Information & Research: Including General Information Services, Legal Services, Property & Construction Services, IT & Telecommunications Information Services.