The EROS rigorous sensor support allows customers to orthorectify EROS high-resolution imagery to a greater accuracy than currently available.

PCI Geomatics announced that new rigorous model support for EROS 1.8m satellite panchromatic data is included within the company's new Geomatica 9 software solution. Developed by Dr. Thierry Toutin at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS, Natural Resources Canada), implementation of the EROS rigorous sensor support offers customers the flexibility of orthorectifying EROS high-resolution imagery to a much greater accuracy than currently available through other methods.

"The EROS 1.8m panchromatic rigorous model adds to the list of competitive advantages built within our new Geomatica 9 software solution", notes Arnold Hougham, Vice-President of Sales and Product Marketing for PCI Geomatics. "Our support of pioneering high-resolution data resources like EROS in Geomatica 9 contributes to the growing appreciation of commercial remote sensing technology and helps promote the application of quality high-resolution data world-wide."

The EROS satellite is designed for low earth orbit and utilizes a "push broom" technique that provides a swath of at least 12.5 km in width. Featuring a panchromatic sensor that offers a 1.8m resolution, the EROS 1A satellite provides users with quality images at an affordable price. The first of many, the complete constellation of EROS satellites will provide the most frequent daily revisit of sites around the world providing decision-makers with the most up-to-date information. Correction accuracy for EROS 1.8m satellite panchromatic data using the EROS rigorous model is competitive with other high-resolution data types.

"EROS rigorous model support can be effectively applied by users involved in security, mapping, mineral exploration, coastal zone monitoring, forest and agricultural monitoring, land use management, disaster management, and countless other applications that may be dependant upon accurate and up-to-date data" states Dr. Philip Cheng, Senior Scientist for PCI Geomatics. "Geomatica 9 rigorous model support for the EROS satellite and other commercial high-resolution sensor platforms is a natural extension for the remote sensing excellence that users appreciate from PCI Geomatics."

Rigorous model support for EROS 1.8m satellite panchromatic data and other sensors such as SPOT, IKONOS, and QuickBird sensors can be found on PCI Geomatics's new Geomatica 9 software release. Geomatica 9 builds upon the PCI Geomatics reputation for providing a seamless "all-in-one" and "end-to-end" geospatial processing environment. A major achievement, Geomatica 9 greatly extends PCI's industry-leading remote sensing technology for unsurpassed image analysis, photogrammetric composition, GIS processing, cartographic visualization, and successful earth observation based geomatics operations. GIS capabilities, hyperspectral tools, and an exclusive new hyperspectral data compression technology top the list of improvements and additions for the new Geomatica 9, a completely integrated solution that provides superior geomatics capabilities with productivity enhancing features.