More new products, software and services.

Maptechintroduced two GPS ready PDAs for professional and outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Outdoor Navigatorgives users Internet access to the Maptech collection of over 62,000 USGS topo maps and NOAA nautical charts. Users log on to Maptech’s to register and access the maps. Users pick the maps they want, when they want them. The data is downloaded to their computer and automatically transferred to the Palm using HotSync Manager. Users can also hook a clip-on GPS to the Palm. ThePocket Navigatorworks with Maptech CD-ROMs, Terrain Navigator (topo maps) or Digital ChartKit (nautical charts). Terrain Navigator contains USGS topo maps; Digital ChartKit includes NOAA charts covering the entire U.S. coastline; both include PC desktop mapping and navigation software. Users transfer the maps or charts from their desktop computer to a Pocket PC and then hook a GPS attachment to their Pocket PC. (Maptech, Amesbury, Mass.)

Lizardtech Software offers a Windows CE software development kit (SDK) for creating Pocket PC viewers for MrSID files. The SDK allows GIS developers to create applications that enable customers to view large graphical images on Pocket PC devices on wireless networks. With MrSID file formats available on Pocket PC devices, users in the field can pan and zoom through accurate and large images to more effectively interpret or acquire location data or overlay GPS data on maps with near real time panning and zooming. With the WinCE SDK, the GIS industry can create GIS applications that can obtain real time information over the Internet; offer Pocket PC users location-based services; or provide graphical information on a wireless handheld. (Lizardtech Software, Seattle, Wash.)

GiveMePower Corporation is now shipping PowerCAD CE version 5.2 mobile/wireless computer-aided design (CAD) software. The new versions have been optimized for high performance on the latest generation of Microsoft Windows CE and Windows CE .NET equipped Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs and Pocket PC cell phones utilizing Intel’s new XScale Processor. Three new PowerCAD CE 5.2 versions—PowerCAD CE Viewer, PowerCAD CE Classic, and PowerCAD CE Professional, allow users to view, markup and create precise AutoCAD compatible 2D and 3D designs and digital blueprints in the field or on the shop floor using the latest mobile/wireless handheld computing devices from leading vendors such as HP, Dell, T-Mobile and Rockwell Automation. PowerCAD CE release 5.2 highlights include direct on-board conversion of industry-standard AutoCAD DWG and DXF files (R12 to R2002 formats); exporting of AutoCAD compatible DWF (Design Web Format) small-footprint vector file format; speed improvements up to 50 percent with enhanced 2D and 3D design options and new multiple viewport control; digital image embedding in Pro version with support for unlimited BMP, PNG, JPG and TIF file importing; and updated Lisp and C++ application programming interfaces (API) in Pro version for creation of custom applications. (GiveMePower, New York, N.Y.)

ESRI released ArcGIS Tracking Analyst. The new ArcGIS 8.3 extension enables users to visualize and analyze temporal data by defining events including time, location, and attribute information. ArcGIS Tracking Analyst can display data types, including points, lines, polygons and tracks for historical data analysis. Users can record, play back, and conduct temporal analysis including data clock charting and temporal offset. Monitoring and analysis actions, such as highlight, suppress, and filter, and user-defined applications, such as Visual Basic (VB) scripts, are available, and existing temporal data can be set with future time windows (for mission planning) or past time windows (for historical data). ArcGIS Tracking Analyst displays common data types temporally including points, lines, polygons, and tracks; handles recording, playback, and temporal analysis including data clock charting and temporal offset; and supports military symbology via ArcGIS Military Analyst extension. (ESRI, Redlands, Calif.)

Agfa introduced Aviphot Pan 400s, its new black and white aerial film, which replaces Aviphot Pan 200s. Agfa’s dual layer emulsion technology maintains high speed and low granularity resulting in excellent scanner response. Aviphot Pan 400s can be processed low contrast for large-scale photography and medium contrast for survey and mapping applications. Pan 400s’ high speed allows for fast exposure on airborne cameras and the near infrared extension, combined with its high red sensitivity level, allows for operations from dawn to dusk. The sharp and low grain images due to the near IR portion of the image allow for easier object recognition. The Aviphot Pan 400s film also features spectral sensitivity near the infrared range resulting in excellent penetration through atmospheric conditions; extended red sensitivity for sharper images; permanent anti-static; and resistance to scratching. (Agfa, Ridgefield Park, N.J.)