Products tailored to ESRI's industries for enhanced GIS and data applications.

ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS) announced the release of its CommunityInfo data products at ESRIs 2003 Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California. This data provides an accurate picture of the people who live, work, and spend in communities. It is tailored specifically for industries served by ESRI and includes:
  • CommunityInfo for Economic Development
  • CommunityInfo for Homeland Security
  • CommunityInfo for Health and Human Services
  • CommunityInfo for Insurance
  • CommunityInfo for Financial Services
  • CommunityInfo for Retail
  • CommunityInfo for Restaurants
  • CommunityInfo for Census 2000

The CommunityInfo data contains key demographic variables divided into three groups: CommunityInfoPeople, CommunityInfoWorkplace, and CommunityInfoSpending. The CommunityInfoPeople data includes current and five-year projections based on standard demographic variables such as household income distribution, age by income, and net worth.

CommunityInfoWorkplace provides business information by business type, size, and the number of workers for each company in every U.S. neighborhood.

CommunityInfoSpending identifies the total dollars and the average household dollar spending potential for selected financial products and services by neighborhood. A buying index that relates the neighborhood spending potential to the U.S. average is also included in this package.

The suite of CommunityInfo data products are the first data packages developed by ESRI Business Information Solutions specifically for ESRIs customers, said David Huffman, managing director. The CommunityInfo data will provide accurate information about the types of people who live, work, and spend in U.S. communities. This data is the first of many collaborations of ESRI BIS data products with ESRI technology to give businesses, government agencies, universities, and nonprofit organizations software and information tools unmatched by any other company.