Laser-Scan technology plays pivotal role in commercial trials of Ordnance Survey's OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer.

Laser-Scan presented its own demonstration and was a partner in three others at the Ordnance Survey's key Early Adopters and Interest Group open forum on 20th March 2003. The ITN Layer is the latest addition to the OS MasterMap range of products.

Using its Radius Topology product Laser-Scan showed off its capabilities in structuring the ITN Layer data and integrating with existing datasets. Laser-Scan demonstrated how Radius Topology automatically corrects errors in an existing dataset when that dataset is topologically structured against OS MasterMap ITN Layer data. Laser-Scan also demonstrated how it is far more efficient to query data topologically using Radius Topology than it is to query data spatially, for example to solve problems such as 'find all the A Roads that exist in the area of Basingstoke'.

Yeoman Mobile Navigation demonstrated its ability to display ITN data on a version of its unique TRAVELM8 mobile navigation product, which is based on Laser-Scan's advanced technology. The application was demonstrated on the latest range of smartphones, where journey information such as driving instructions, maps and live traffic reports are delivered to users using a combination of voice and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

Laser-Scan's partner Snowflake Software showed their ability to load the ITN data into a database. As an OS MasterMap product the ITN Layer is delivered in GML format. Snowflake's GO Loader product provides a simple and efficient way to load any GML data format into the Oracle9i database.

Laser-Scan was also a partner in a demonstration created by QinetiQ. The demonstration showed the ITN data being used to calculate a route and deliver the route plan to a mobile device. The project partners were Wheronearth, Oracle, Ordnance Survey, QinetiQ and Snowflake Software. Laser-Scan provided some geospatial data expertise and will offer Radius Topology technology for future phases of this project.

Laser-Scan's Managing Director Dr Michael Sanderson commented:

"This Early Adopters Forum was a new opportunity for the digital mapping community in the UK to see the possibilities for data connectivity. The highly referential nature of the OS MasterMap ITN Layer means that data can be used in a sensible fashion."

Ordnance Survey's OS MasterMap ITN Layer was launched on 31st March 2003.

OS MasterMap is Ordnance Survey's latest digital map data and online service. It contains multi-layered data that is both intelligent and accessible.