Applanix’s POS LV Products Feature Inertially-Aided RTK

Applanixannounced that its POS LV line of products now features inertially-aided RTK positioning technology. By using raw satellite data (rather than receiver-computed position) to aid the inertial sensor, Applanix’s POS LV products now reacquire RTK lock within seconds after an outage and can maintain centimeter-level positioning in areas of frequent GPS outages. In fact, data from as few as one visible satellite can be used to aid the inertial solution. Similarly, POS LV users relying on traditional DGPS corrections will experience improved position robustness through areas of intermittent GPS availability. Now available with all POS LV systems, this breakthrough technology promises to further strengthen the reliability of Applanix’s aided inertial positioning systems in areas of intermittent GPS, such as urban canyons, treed areas, tunnels and bridges. (Applanix, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)