Web-based software downloads spatial data in multiple formats.

Safe Software, Vancouver, BC, released SpatialDirect 2002, a web-based system for distributing and retrieving spatial data either over the Internet or through an intranet. SpatialDirect users select the data they need using a web browser, then download the data file in a GIS or CAD format of their choice. The software is available with its own HTML-browser interface, or as a plug-in for web-mapping applications, including Autodesk MapGuide, ESRI ArcIMS, MapInfo MapXtreme, and Intergraph GeoMedia WebMap.

SpatialDirect uses Safe Software’s powerful FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) technology to translate GIS (Geographic Information System) and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) formats, as well as spatial databases like ESRI ArcSDE, MapInfo SpatialWare, GeoTask and Oracle 8i Spatial. SpatialDirect 2002 software is platform independent, and is supported on Microsoft Windows and selected UNIX platforms.