CARIS Releases Geology-Specific Digital Mapping Software

CARIS released CARIS GEMM 4.0, a mapping software package specifically designed for the display and output of geological data in a digital environment. Among the features in this release are customizable symbol templates, tools for merging and overlaying topological maps, photogrammetric and scanned images, and GPS collection. User-defined layers, themes and colours, raster to vector conversion, and foreign data import tools facilitate efficient input of field data.

The CARIS GEMM 4.0 symbol library is extensive, containing more than 1000 Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and National Mapping Program (NATMAP) standard geological symbols. This lends GEMM the flexibility necessary for geological map creation across all applications including structural, geophysical, geochemical and more.

GEMM comes bundled with the resources, data and utilities you need for efficient creation of geological maps. Among these is a self-paced training manual, which has proven a great teaching tool for academia.

The system also includes CARIS Digital Atlas, a utility for automatic extraction, format and generation of a dataset for a user-defined area anywhere in the world. This includes public domain data of World Vector Shoreline, Global Seafloor Topography, Digital Chart of the World (DCW), Gtopo30 elevation data and Etopo5 bathymetric data.