Contract is under National Imagery & Mapping Agency (NIMA).

PixSell Inc., Bay St. Louis, Miss., has been awarded a role as a subcontractor on the Boeing Autometric Omnibus Geospatial Information and Imagery Intelligence Program Contract with the National Imagery & Mapping Agency (NIMA). Boeing Autometric is a prime contractor on the NIMA Omnibus Program. The subcontract period of performance will extend through December 30, 2003 if all options are exercised. Working as an integral part of the Boeing Autometric team, PixSell is authorized to provide professional services in the following technical areas, from both its Mississippi and Virginia offices: Mapping and Charting Production Services, including Geographic Information Systems, Map Digitizing and Scanning, and Environmental Studies; Imagery Intelligence and Photogrammetric Production Services, including Imagery Analysis, Imagery Data Manipulation, Aerotriangulation, Orthophotography, and Data Management.

Autometric, a business unit of The Boeing Company’s Integrated Defense System Division, has over 40 years of leadership in geospatial information technology and solutions. Autometric combines experience in softcopy photogrammetry, geographic information systems, image data management, and feature data extraction to provide map production software and systems solutions to commercial mapping, remote sensing, military and defense mapping industries.