A complete CD library of enhanced US Census 2000 data in Shape file format.

Avenza Systems Inc., the developer of MAPublisher map production software in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, released MAPdataUSA 2K, a convenient 19 CD library of the complete US Census 2000 TIGER/Line data set converted to Shape file format. Enhancements include joined road and water layers, proper name directory of states and counties, ZIP Code tabulation areas by state, and concatenated road names to a single column for easier labeling and selecting.

Summary of MAPdataUSA 2K benefits:

  • 19 CD library provides easy access to complete US Census 2000 data
  • all data is in Shape file format for direct use in MAPublisher and GIS packages
  • organized by state and county using proper names for easy access
  • polylined or joined linear files of roads and water lines.
  • up to 43 layers for each county (see www.avenza.com for full listing)
  • road name columns have been concatenated for easier labeling
  • includes ZIP codes tabulation areas
  • available for Mac and Windows Operating Systems

    Availability and pricing:
    Full MAPdataUSA 2K library of 19 CDs - $499
    Reduced price for MAPublisher 4.0 licensees - $399
    Reduced price for MAPdataUSA 95 licensees - $349
    Price for MAPublisher 4.0 and MAPdataUSA bundle - $999 Individual states also available - $149 or less. www.avenza.com