Users to experience 72 enhancements.

Eagle Point, Dubuque, Iowa, announced 72 enhancements to its land development software in the past year, all of which are included in the newly released version 2002.

Following are just a few highlights of the enhancements included in version 2002:

  • Open Database Format -
    External Node Databases are now saved as Microsoft Access database files. By utilizing this open-database format, users can more easily share project data between project teammates and external clients as well as access the data outside of the Eagle Point environment.
  • LandXML Support -
    Support of the industry standard LandXML file format is included within the Data Transfer module. Use the Import and Export LandXML commands to exchange or archive data created during the land planning, civil engineering and land survey process.
  • Easy Plant Attributes Modification -
    Quickly change plant attributes as well as plant symbology using the Modify Plant Attributes command in the landscape design module.
  • Dynamic Profile Structure Modification -
    Save time in design and drafting by being able to modify the Structure ID location, Rim Elevation, Invert Elevations, Width and Sump Depth of previously placed Inlets,Manholes and Custom Structures using the Modify Structure command found in the Profiles module.
  • Easily Create Surface from Road -
    Create a surface model from a RoadCalc design without having to import any 3-D geometry using the Create Surface from Road command. Create the model for the entire road or just a certain station range and merge it into other design models all in one command.

    The newest version is available to new users as well as current Eagle Point clients. Eagle Point VIP clients have received these upgrades over the course of the past 12 months as a benefit of their VIP status.