Laser-Scan will be demonstrating its generalisation capabilities plus a preview of its forthcoming automatic text placement product: ClearText.

The latest developments in the field of generalization will be on show at Intergeo 2003. Laser-Scan will be demonstrating its generalization capabilities plus a preview of its forthcoming automatic text placement product: ClearText.

Laser-Scan's technical experts will show a Model Generalization solution that has been developed for AdV in Germany (the participating states are Baden-W¿rttemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Saarland, Th¿ringen and Hessen). Representatives from the AdV Technical Project team will be joining Laser-Scan to showcase their application. This solution will allow the fully automatic derivation of the DLM 50 from the Base-DLM. Input and output of ATKIS data is via EDBS and will, in the near future, also be available via NAS. Not only is this solution fully customisable, but it is also designed to provide automatic incremental generalization.

Dieter Neuffer, Generalisation Technical Manager, comments:

"During this project the Laser-Scan team has developed a close working relationship with its colleagues at AdV. This partnership is crucial in ensuring that the solution meets the requirements of the six participating offices. We are looking forward to supporting the implementation of the operational solution."

Clarity, Laser-Scan's new automated generalisation product, will also be on show at Intergeo. Created in consultation with mapping agencies across Europe as part of the MAGNET (Mapping Agencies Generalisation NETwork) project, Clarity delivers the functionality and flexibility to build generalisation flowlines that match geospatial data requirements. Clarity is interoperable across many different systems - no matter which system is used to store data users can take advantage of this advanced functionality.

Also on show at Intergeo: ClearText - a preview of Laser-Scan's new automatic text placement product that is capable of generating, placing and arranging text labels to describe geographic locations within cartography. ClearText will be offered as a seamless integration to other Laser-Scan products, such as Clarity.

Interoperability - Laser-Scan will be demonstrating interoperability using its Radius Topology product based around an Oracle9i installation. We'll be demonstrating how Radius Topology enhances data quality and consistency throughout the enterprise, enabling users of various GIS applications within an organisation to benefit from accurate, up-to-date data.

Visit Laser-Scan's stand in Hall 9 EG, Stand D07. See Radius Topology in action on Autodesk's stand (Hall 9OG stand U24) Intergraph's stand (Hall 12 EG, Stand D44) and MapInfo's stand (Hall 11EG, Stand D20). Laser-Scan's Radius Topology experts are also delivering presentations at the following times:

18th Sep 10am Intergraph stand Hall 12 EG, Stand D44

18th Sep 11am MapInfo stand Hall 11EG, Stand D20