CAiCE Software Corporationannounced that it has entered into a cooperativesoftware development agreement,withLeica Geosystems Inc.Through this agreement, Leica’s TPS DataPro data collection systemwill be integrated withCAiCE’s Visual Survey Software. The integration means that users can directly output from Leica TPS1100 total stations, GPS System 500, TPS700 and 300 instruments to CAiCE through the Survey Data Management System data format. Integration capabilities will allow users to create CAiCE PRJ files directly from a Leica total station or GPS receiver, export horizontal and vertical alignments to Leica format for upload to field equipment and export CAiCE alignment station equation information to a Leica station equation file for upload to the field equipment. Other integration capabilities include the ability to communicate directly from CAiCE to Leica total stations using the Leica Data Exchange Module, create a Leica cross-section assignment file for stakeout and create Leica point coordinate files for upload to data collectors. (CAiCE Software, Tampa, Fla.) (Leica Geosystems, Norcross, Ga.)