Sokkia Corporation released SOKKIA G2 1.21 Graphic Field Assistant

Sokkia Corporationreleased SOKKIA G2 1.21 Graphic Field Assistantdata collection software. This latest update includes TIN and contour creation, enhanced layer control and color support, and additional MAP screen features and functionality. Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) stakeout can now be done on a user-defined grid. Support has been added for newer Sokkia GPS models, as well as additional third-party robotic and GPS instruments. LandXML support has been enhanced to allow for transfer of points, cross sections, horizontal and vertical alignments. Sokkia also released the latest version of SOKKIA I/O 2.02, a “freeware” upload/download and data reduction utility that takes advantage of the latest version of SOKKIA G2. SOKKIA G2 was also recently released on the Allegro CE Rugged Field Computer. (Sokkia, Olathe, Kan.)