Another day, more news

Reference and Control Station Improvements from Leica

Leica Geosystems’ booth at ACSM features a display of its GPS Reference Station, Advanced CORS System, with ControlStation software. Targeted for operators of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) networks such as state departments of transportation, the system’s mission is to ensure the validity of CORS data.

The GPS Reference Station and ControlStation software consists of extremely stable components intended for permanent installation. When running at full functionality, reference stations within the targeted network will essentially run continuous checks on the positioning data of each other. When a station’s data is determined to be questionable for whatever reason, the data is disabled. In effect, by the time the data reaches the user, it will have been pre-processed.

The Michigan DOT is one CORS sponsor that has made a commitment to use Leica’s system to guarantee that the CORS data it supplies is free of anomalies or other errors. Such a commitment is a significant contribution to the NGS effort to upgrade the accuracy of positioning based upon the National Spatial Reference System.

MicroSurvey FieldGenius Leads to Contract

MicroSurvey Software Inc. introduced the FieldGenius Surveyor, a data collection solution for surveyors, engineers and construction professionals. FieldGenius contains many field computation tools, allowing users to take shots, see linework and check drawings in the field. It claims to have more computing power than most onboard total station systems combined with a graphic interface that allows users to visually grab point, line and curve information. The FieldGenius syncs with MicroSurvey's desktop software automatically so users can see their field work on the desktop.

MicroSurvey also introduced Tap 'n Survey, one touch calculating power on the data collector screen. Users can tap a point to display its coordinates or tap a line to get its bearing and distance.

MicroSurvey has partnered with DAP Technologies, a Quebec City firm that designs, manufactures and markets rugged hand-hand computers with wireless communication capabilities, to provide data collection solutions for rugged field work. By working together, the two companies were recently awarded a contract from the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways to supply the agency with up to 150 units of the MICROFLEX CE5320 data collector over a three-year term.

DAP's MICROFLEX units operate on Microsoft Windows CE3.0, and feature an Intel Strong ARM CPU (equivalent to the speed of a 190 MHz Pentium processor). Tested in accordance with military standards MIL-STD-810E, the computers continuously withstand rough handling, drops onto concrete, driving rain, extreme temperature variations, condensation and other harsh environmental conditions. They also provide superior data security using NAND memory, user modes and automated communications.

Berntsen Offers New Marker

Berntsen International announced the arrival of the FENO permanent survey marker, now available in the United States. The concept of the Polyroc FENO marker was presented to the topographic market in 1970 in France. There are various models available for the head of the FENO marker, including shape, material, color and marking in order to meet the needs of surveyors. The purpose of the head is to offere high shock resistance and resistance to aging in order guarantee the long life of the marker. The anchorage system of FENO contains high resistance to corrosion with a hot-galvanized anchorage, which retains its mechanical properties for 30 years; high resistance to uprooting thanks to three steel prongs, which can be deployed in the ground; and rapid utilization, no matter what type of ground. The underground reference marks are made of aluminum or electro-plated steel with high corrosion resistance. Should the mark be accidently turned up, the underground mark maintains the position of the station. The standard FENO marker consists of a head with three anchor lengths: 350, 500 and 600 mm, various shapes and materials, and is available in three colors.