The ACSM conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Allen Osborne & Associates - Booth 320

If we saw you at the show, thanks for stopping by our booth! If we missed you, the Rascal (the world's first dual-frequency hand-held GPS receiver) is available at an excellent price - for near immediate delivery. The Rascal is available in both RTK and Static System configurations.

Ashtech Precision Products, Magellan Corp - Booth 123

GPS just got a whole lot better - with the introduction of Magellan Corporation's exciting new Ashtech products for GPS surveying. The Ashtech Z-Xtreme is an all new dual-frequency receiver with the latest advances in GPS technology for surveyors-- Instant-RTK. Ashtech Solutions 2.0 is a PC based GPS data processing software adding powerful new features to the well known user-friendly interface of Locus Processor. Ashtech Survey Control II is the latest data collector software for the Z-Xtreme and Locus systems, enabling data collection and attributing for static and kinematic post-processed surveys.

Berntsen International Inc. - Booth 701

Berntsen International has been marking the boundaries of the nations since 1972. In addition to the 100+ types of survey markers and monuments available we can make almost any custom marker you need. Our orbital forged markers, unique in the industry, offer high strength, easy stampability, outstanding durability, fast delivery, economic cost, and the capability to offer intricate artwork with custom logos and fine detail.

California Surveying and Drafting Supply Inc. (CSD) - Booth 617

California Surveying & Drafting Supply is northern California and Nevada's premier source for GPS/GIS, surveying, drafting and engineering equipment and supplies. An authorized dealer for Trimble and Nikon, CSDS offers full-service repair for Trimble GPS and virtually all brands of surveying equipment, as well as Trimble certified training. For the best brands in the business (over 7,000 products in-stock), call CSDS today!

CAiCE Software - Booth 818

Visual Survey bridges the gap between topographic data collection and the production of accurate topographic maps and digital terrain models. Capabilities include: importing raw data from any major data collector, processing electronic survey data, defining existing topographic and terrain data, and producing digital terrain models. Powerful 3D visualization capabilities allow for accurate error checking. All products run as standalone or with your favorite CAD package.

Carlson Software - Booth 215

Carlson Software, an industry leader for land surveying desktop software, is pleased to announce the new data collection product, SurvCE. This Windows CE-based product works with all major manufacturers' total stations and GPS units. SurvCE is available on the Ranger computer, the Allegro from Juniper Systems, and will soon be available for pocket-sized Windows CE devices.

Crain Enterprises - Booth 312

What a difference Crain's Tri-Max will make to you. Consistent sub-second stability, even with robotic total stations, is now the reality with the new Tri-Max composite tripods from Crain. With patents pending on eight separate innovations, the new Tri-Max tripods are truly in a class by themselves. Tri-Max tripods from Crain are the only tripods available that really meet today's demanding requirements for stability, durability and so much more!

Cyra Technologies - Booth 615

Cyra grew 80 percent in 2000 and is now a subsidiary of Leica Geosystems. At ACSM, Cyra is featuring (1) the smaller, faster Cyrax 2500 3D laser scanner, (2) powerful, new Cyclone point cloud processing software, and (3) details of recent, successful projects. Using Cyrax for as-built and topo surveys results in a more complete and higher quality deliverable; reduced project costs; improved project safety; and faster project completion.

Eagle Point Software - Booth 612

Founded in 1983, Eagle Point Software is among the world's largest and leading developers of integrated software for the architectural, civil engineering, structural and surveying marketplaces. We have over 45,000 modules installed in 100+ countries. We believe the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That's why we market our powerful, industry-leading software directly...passing the savings to our customers.

GEOPAK Corporation - Booth 817

GEOPAK offers GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite, GEOPAK Site and GEOPAK Survey. The Suite is an integrated transportation design solution. Comprehensive modules include survey, site, road, bridge, water and sewer, and drainage. Multi-user access enables simultaneous, interactive design/engineering. GEOPAK Site's visual site design enables dynamic, real-time modeling, evaluation and analysis. GEOPAK Survey utilizes field data to create finished drawings within MicroStation. GEOPAK software is used by the Federal Highway Administration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and 18 state DOTs.

Leica Geosystems Inc. - Booth 421

Leica Geosystems offers a complete line of surveying, engineering and construction products, including real-time and post-processed GPS for surveying, mapping, and GIS; a wide range of total stations, including remote control systems for one-person operation; traditional and reflectorless EDMS; digital and automatic levels; building and construction lasers; machine-guidance systems; and onboard and office software. Leica's Open Survey World provides direct links and data exchange between GPS, total stations and office systems.

MicroSurvey Software Inc. - Booth 525

Take a Genius to the field! MicroSurvey's FieldGenius Surveyor is a revolutionary hardware and software solution intelligent enough to be an on-site field computer with great computation power, but without the bulk and fragility of a laptop. The graphic interface allows you to quickly grab point, line and curve information, just like our desktop products! Calculate and post a subdivision in one visit!

Nikon Instruments Inc. - Booth 705,707,709

Nikon Instruments Inc. is a world leader in surveying, mapping and construction instruments. The company offers a wide selection of products, ranging from automatic levels, laser levels, and theodolites to sophisticated total stations with onboard data collection. Nikon manufacturers the new DTM-500 Series Total Stations with the longest battery life in the industry. They utilize the new LLV (Low Light Visible) green color for increased on-site safety and identification. Also new is the NPL-820 Prismless Total Station with exclusive focused beam technology for increased accuracy. Nikon also offers a variety of specialized software packages and accessories. Nikon instruments feature world-renowned optics, easy-to-use controls and displays and rugged construction.

POB Magazine

POBis a champion for the surveying and mapping (GPS and GIS) industry. Our goal is to bring the most accurate, recent and applicable knowledge to the surveying industry. We are always looking for innovative ways to network surveyors, our RPLS message board,, is a wonderful forum; give advice, guidance and information through our editorial; and showcase new products. If you ever have editorial ideas, suggestions, or general comments to help makePOBthat much better, we would love to hear from you. Log on to see if you qualify for a free subscription toPOB. Don't forget to visit us online at, for exclusive web features.

Popular Leasing - Booth 528

Subsidiary of Banco Popular North America - An FDIC Bank.

Survey the advantages! Makes equipment affordable - easy application process. Popular Leasing is part of Popular Inc., a publicly owned diversified financial services company ranked among the 40 largest bank holding companies in the United States. Acquire equipment through low, fixed rates with terms to fit your needs. Finance "soft costs" such as software and delivery, and upgrade equipment without prepayment penalty.

Pythagoras Software - Booth 331

Pythagoras is truly unique CAD software for the Professional Surveyor and Civil Engineer: Easy to use, quick to learn, and contains all Cogo and surveying calculation functions. It includes time-saving features such as an intelligent cursor that automatically snaps onto points, lines and arcs. It features Digital Terrain Modeling and Road Design. Pythagoras runs on both the PC and the Macintosh!

RA&MCO Insurance Services - Booth 122

RA&MCO is the Program Manager for the Great American Insurance Companies (A, Excellent) for professional liability coverages for Land Surveyors. Our Architects/Engineers, project-specific coverage, design/build, construction managers, environmental consultants, testing laboratories, geotechnical engineers and contractors professional liability programs are accessed by 1,600 brokerages nationwide. Our coverages are supported by excellent claims handling and risk management.

S!TE Manufacturing Inc. - Booth 515

S!TE Manufacturing Inc. offers a variety of accessory products used with global positioning equipment, agriculture, and land surveying instruments. These include carbon-graphite composite GPS antenna poles; laser engraved graduated prism poles, data collector brackets, radio antenna masts, and many other accessories for all brands of survey equipment. S!TE products are sold through a network of instrument distributors worldwide. S!TE also private-labels products for OEM's such as Ashtech/Magellan, Pacific Crest, Sokkia, TDS, Topcon and Trimble.

Surveyors Module International (SMI) - Booth 612

Since 1983 Surveyors Module International (SMI) has provided surveyors the standard in surveying software. Today, we continue our tradition of high quality programming for calculator and computer based environments. Our motto, "Software for Surveyors by Surveyors" still rings true today as we provide the most advanced surveying software on the market.

Sokkia Corporation - Booth 505

Sokkia Corporation's diverse product line provides complete measurement solutions for surveying, mapping, measurement and positioning applications:

  • A full family of GPS products for surveying and GIS applications.

  • Total Stations, Data Collectors, Software, and field accessories offer complete measurement solutions for surveying applications.

  • Construction products range from construction laser control systems to pipe lasers and one-person interior lasers.

Sokkia products are backed with the industry's best, most complete service and support capabilities.

SubSurface - Booth 717, 719

Over 125 years inventing, designing, manufacturing, selling, repairing and supporting underground/underwater magnetic pipe and cable locators and water leak detectors. Introducing two new magnetic locators and three leak detectors. Plus, repair of GA products via a detailed quote and 180-day guarantee on parts and labor. - Booth 325

SurveyPlanet has developed web products and resources that embrace and enhance the surveying industry, create new opportunities for surveyors and promote qualification-based procurement for surveying services. SurveyPlanet's premier portal for the land surveying industry offers services and technology ranging from an employment center to GIS training. ProposalPlanet saves surveyors and clients time and money in requesting/receiving proposals for surveying services. Global Survey Data Network enables the transfer of data, improving accuracy in GIS systems worldwide.

Topcon America Corp. - Booth 313

Integrated positioning control - survey through inspection - is the force driving Topcon to bring you the most advanced line of high-precision positioning control products ever. Exciting new optical and GPS products, like the new RC-2 robotic, rapid acquisition system, will be on display as will HiPer, the new ultra-small, totally integrated GPS system. Whatever your surveying or construction positioning needs are, Topcon gives you integrated control-survey through inspection.

Trimble - Booth 601

Trimble is a leading innovator of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. In addition to providing advanced GPS components, Trimble augments GPS with other positioning technologies as well as wireless communications and software to create complete customer solutions. Trimble's worldwide presence and unique capabilities position the company for growth in emerging applications including surveying, automobile navigation, machine guidance, asset tracking, wireless platforms and telecommunications

Tri State Photogrammetry - Booth 712

Tri State Surveying & Photogrammetry is an extremely successful twenty year old full service geomatics firm with offices in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide our clients with expert consulting, boundary/route surveying, topographic mapping, engineering surveys, right-of-way engineering and mapping, digital photogrammetry, orthophotography and quantity analytics, parcel mapping, global positioning services, construction surveying and GIS services.

Tripod Data Systems Inc. - Booth 413

Founded in 1987, Tripod Data Systems Inc. (TDS) is recognized as a leading developer of software and hardware solutions for mobile computing applications. TDS features Survey Pro for Windows CE, The Ranger rugged handheld computer, and the SOLO and PenMetrics GIS product lines. Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, TDS provides end-users, OEM's and an extensive dealer network with advanced, easy-to-use technology solutions backed by TDS professionalism and quality.

VanTech - Booth 326

VanTech carries a complete line of SafetyLine high-visibility outerwear suitable for most weather conditions. Reflective parkas, heavy jackets, lightweight vests and rainwear are manufactured in both conventional and flame retardant materials. With sizes available up to 7X, SafetyLine has the high-visiblity product that will provide safety and a professional look at your work site.