Longmont, Colo., 10 October 2006 -- Firms in need of assistance in managing geotechnology products and services can now obtain planning document templates from marketing firm Cary and Associates. The Product Management Lifecycle Process serves as the foundation for identifying and building profitable customer-focused products and services. These templates include instructions and examples for carrying out the various steps in an organized and logical manner; they guide the product management process and ensure all key business and technical issues are addressed. The discipline outlined in this process has value for both young firms and well-established firms and can easily be customized to fit any organization's needs.

The package consists of three document templates. The first, Product Concept and Strategy, guides the definition of a high-level product concept and how it ties to corporate strategy, the market, and customers. The second template, Business Case, provides instructions on the steps one must take to refine the product concept and strategy. The third, Marketing Requirements, details exactly what the product will do from the customer perspective.

The Product Management Lifecycle Process benefits companies adhering to it by assuring their products and services deliver value that customers want to buy. Please visitwww.caryandassociates.comto see detailed descriptions of the templates. The complete package retails for $329. As a special introductory offer, customers who purchase before the end of 2006 will pay only $249.

Cary and Associates is able to offer these product planning templates through its alliance with product management consultant Ron Elsis.

Company president Tina Cary said, "Ron's extensive product management experience at such firms as DigitalGlobe, Motorola, Space Imaging and GeoSystems (which we now know as MapQuest) means that he knows the value of this process to companies small and large. His focus and ability to effectively communicate the product management discipline provides clear product direction and strategy for our clients."

About Cary and Associates

Cary and Associates, a marketing firm serving the geotechnology industry, offers a full spectrum of market research, planning, implementation and product management services. Now in its ninth year in business, the firm has carved a niche as a specialist in helping companies around the world market geotechnology products and services.