Interactive citywide maps on the Internet are used as a resource to the public for city revitalization.

The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group of Chicago publishes interactive citywide maps on the Internet as a resource to the public for city revitalization.

Using the Internet to keep the public informed about city planning or tax assessment issues with maps and map data is becoming more and more commonplace everyday. Yet, the difficulty most not-for-profit and government agencies run into is the high-cost and complicated features of most Internet mapping products on the market today. The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group (NCBG) of Chicago is using Blue Marble Geographics' BeyondGeo Internet mapping service because it is the exception to this rule. Blue Marble provides the customer service and support necessary for users to work quickly and effectively with their Internet maps.

NCBG, a not-for-profit 200 member community-based coalition in Chicago keeps the citizens of Chicago informed about their work to stimulate and support investment in city neighborhood "bricks and mortar" infrastructure and other economic development projects. Whether it's transit systems or school buildings, NCBG informs and educates the citizens of Chicago about the details of such public and private development. This data can get quite detailed and presenting it in complicated or hard to use tables is not the best solution for a community portal such as

Over the past few months NCBG researched Internet mapping solutions in earnest, hoping to find an affordable and easy to use solution. Their research brought them to Blue Marble Geographics' based on the perfect mix of features, functionality and affordability. BeyondGeo requires no software, hardware, maintenance, or custom development investments, just a low set up fee and an annual support and subscription fee.

After NCBG signed on they were also pleased to find that Blue Marble was attentive, quick to respond and knowledgeable about their set up and support issues. "The Blue Marble Support Team was a tremendous help to me when I started," commented Patricia Nolan, Director of Community Planning. "I really appreciate that they converted the projection of most of our shape files for us. So far, I can say that their technical assistance has been outstanding." The map is now published directly in NCBG's web site using BeyondGeo. It was up just in time to help with providing the public information they need for the annual City of Chicago Capital Improvement Hearings.

"Blue Marble Geographics prides itself on providing excellent customer service," states Patrick Cunningham, Director of Business Development. "We take support and service very seriously, knowing full well that we are not successful if our customers are not successful." About The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group: The NCBG is a not-for-profit citywide coalition, whose mission is to empower communities to plan for, participate in, and benefit from the revitalization of the City's neighborhoods. NCBG advocates for increased public investment in the "bricks and mortar" of neighborhoods, including neighborhood infrastructure, schools and transit, as a means to stimulate and support communities' efforts to achieve comprehensive and strategic community revitalization.