Autodesk Incorporated LizardTech’s Lossless MrSID Technology

AutodeskincorporatedLizardTech’slosslessMrSID technology into the latest version of some its software products. Users of GIS and civil design software gain the ability to quickly and efficiently view and store original-quality imagery. Autodesk’s support of lossless MrSID is designed to address that growing market need for images and designs that are identical to the originals, in a format that makes them usable in their desktop and web applications. Autodesk supports lossless MrSID in its Autodesk Map 2004, Autodesk Map Series 2004, Autodesk Civil Design 2004, Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, Autodesk Survey 2004, Autodesk Raster Design 2004 and Autodesk MapGuide 6.3 products. (Autodesk, San Rafael, Calif.) (LizardTech, Seattle, Wash.)