This update is cumulative, including all previous improvements and updates.

A LISCAD 6.1 update is available now, making available new features, user requested modifications and software fixes and ensuring that users don't have to wait until the next major release to receive urgently required updates to the software.

Interim releases like this one are cumulative, which means that later updates already contain all previous changes.

The update is available at the LISCAD website, users who have not visited before need to 'Sign In' before access to the latest LISCAD update can be obtained. The following link will allow users to access the latest LISCAD 6.1 update:

The LISCAD update page contains a complete listing of the enhancements, modifications and fixes made to LISCAD 6.1 since its release.

Very Important:
To apply the update the LISCAD 6.1 CD or downloaded installation files are required.

While users are connected to the LISCAD web site they may take the opportunity to check and update their contact information. Selecting the 'Update Profile' menu option and keeping profiles up-to-date, enables LISCAD to provide users with information relevant to their particular needs.