System provides smoother and more precise blade control.

PRO Control, the latest in a new series of Machine Control innovations from Laser Alignment, is a Proportional Machine Control system designed to provide smoother and more precise blade control.

The PRO Control system is modular. The operator only needs to purchase the items required for the initial task, then can add to the system for more complex tasks. The PRO Control system is construction tough, accurate, water resistant and operator-friendly.

The heart of the system, the PRO Control panel, configures to various proportional or directional hydraulic systems, adapts to various machine brands, and will be upgradeable to 3D. Able to use either single or dual laser control, sonic or cross slope control, it provides a single solution for fine grading.

The Constant Accuracy Band (CAB) Sensor automatically controls the hydraulics to keep the blade on grade regardless of operating distance, spot size or rotating type laser.