Triton Elics to present breakthroughs in survey technology at upcoming conference.

Triton Elics International (TEI), Watsonville, Calif., will unveil new breakthroughs in survey technology at OI 2002 London including:

Simultaneous real-time mosaic of sidescan sonar and processed bathymetry data with independent views of each type of data; pipe line tracking and free-span detection on mosaicked data with generation of a data base with related query tools for analysis of pipeline status. These new features will be available in TEI Delph Map.

TEI data displays will take full advantage of 3D representation including real-time bathymetry fully processed and shown in 3D. The same new technology will allow a real-time overlay of sidescan and color-coded bathymetry on a 3D surface.

In the seismic domain, TEI will introduce data management for shallow-water seismic and sub-bottom profiles. Interpretation directly on geo-referenced data, cross-line check, and generation of surfaces from sub-bottom reflectors will improve the efficiency of working with sub-bottom data.