Company provides online data storage for remote sensing imagery database.

PixSell Inc., an information technology company specializing in the management, application and distribution of geo-spatial information, announced the award of a contract from the Mississippi Space Commerce Initiative to provide one terabyte of online data storage in support of the Mississippi View remote sensing imagery database. To perform this contract, PixSell’s data storage capabilities are anchored around a state-of-the-art fiber channel SAN (Storage Area Network) from EMC, with 7.2 terabytes of native capacity, scalable to 18 terabytes. PixSell uses an ADIC tape library system with maximum capacity of 14 terabytes to provide backup and disaster recovery for the system.

PixSell provides customers with professional services in geographic information systems, remote sensing, and database design and implementation. PixSell has unique competence in the integration of these core services through custom designed Web interfaces to create new products and applications. PixSell’s customers include federal, state and local governments, and commercial enterprises. PixSell has offices at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, Slidell, Louisiana and McLean, Virginia. PixSell is an ESRI Business Partner and a member of the Mississippi Space Commerce Initiative.