Parcel Mapping ArcGIS Extension now shipping.

UCLID Software, Madison, Wis.,announced that IcoMap is available as an extension to ArcGIS. IcoMap is a parcel mapping conversion and maintenance package; users can create line and polygon features in geodatabases, shapefiles and coverages. IcoMap is the only parcel mapping extension with UCLID's patented Text-to-Vector technology for converting scanned legal descriptions and maps. Text-to-Vector is also known as point-n-click COGO because it reads scanned documents to create COGO-accurate parcel maps though a point and click interface.

Because IcoMap works directly with scans, there is no need to print out these documents and COGO them in. IcoMap also works with legal descriptions that have been typed and saved as text files. By combining point-and-click COGO with an exceptional ten-key COGO package, IcoMap creates an accurate parcel layer in ArcGIS.

Other IcoMap features that have received a "thumbs-up" from users include Spot Recognition, the Curve Genie and Feature Editing. Spot Recognition applies IcoMap's Text-to-Vector technology to the angled text found on maps. The Curve Genie, a big hit with beta testers, stores user preferences for drawing curves. Once the preferences are set, it only takes a few mouse clicks to draw a COGO-accurate curve.

Feature editing allows the user to make updates to individual lines and curves without redrawing an entire parcel. This feature makes it easy to update and maintain the parcel layer. And, because the parcels are automatically linked to the source document, it is easy to maintain accountability.