Sokkia introduced its new Series130R Reflectorless Total Stations SET1130R3, SET2130R3, SET3130R3 and SET4130R3. The Series130R instruments feature Sokkia's RED-tech EDM that uses an ultra narrow visible red laser. Accuracy is ±(3 + 2 ppm x D) mm at a continuous measurement speed of 1.3 seconds. The reflectorless measuring range of the standard Class 3R laser models reaches 350 m (1,140 ft) (with Kodak Gray Card 90% reflective), and the range for a glass prism is up to 5,000 m (16,400 ft). The reflectorless range for Class 2 laser models (factory option) is up to 150 m (490 ft). When the Series130R models are in the reflective sheet and prism modes, the RED-tech EDM automatically switches to a lower level laser output (maximum 0.22 mV) equivalent to the safer IEC Class 1/FDA Class I laser. All models employ Sokkia's original absolute encoders for higher reliability in angle measurement. Angle accuracy for Series 130R models is as follows: SET1130R3 (1"/0.3 mgon), SET2130R3 (2"/0.6 mgon), SET3130R3 (3"/1 mgon) and SET4130R3 (5"/1.5 mgon). Approximately 10,000 data points in 10 job files can be stored in the internal memory. The Series130R offers many factory options, including a CompactFlash card reader for extended memory, guide light for staking operations and wireless remote keypad to ease data entry.

Also, Sokkia added longer range reflectorless total stations SET230R3, SET330R3 and SET530R3 to its Series30R model range. Using Class 3R laser, these new models measure up to 350 m (1,140 ft) without reflectors (with Kodak Gray Card 90% reflective). The long range Class 3R models extend from SET230R3 (accuracy 2"/0.6 mgon) to SET330R3 (3"/1 mgon) to SET530R3 (5"/1.5 mgon). In addition, Sokkia has increased reflectorless measuring range of its existing Class 2 models SET230R, SET330R and SET530R to 150 m (490 ft); these models extend from SET230R (2"/0.6 mgon) to SET330R (3"/1 mgon) to SET530R (5"/1.5 mgon).

Also, Sokkia introduced the DT610 to its line of digital theodolites, replacing the DT600. Battery life for the DT610 has been increased to 110 hours on two standard C alkaline batteries. The DT610 notifies users when the instrument comes within ±15º of each of the four right angle 90º directions by emitting an audible tone. The tone changes pitch when a right angle is passed. A brief silence between the tones indicates the instrument is pointing to within ±1º of a right angle. When the instrument is restarted, the DT610 displays the azimuth angle automatically. Stability and reliability are provided by the RAndom Bidirectional (RAB) code technology that is incorporated in Sokkia's original absolute encoders. The DT610 has horizontal and vertical angle accuracy of 7" (2.2 mgon). The DT610 has a large LCD screen, four-key operation and IP66 rating. (Sokkia, Olathe, Kan.)