This newly established, woman-owned mapping firm in Bangor, Maine, provides a wide range of photogrammetric mapping services.

KAPPA Mapping Inc. (KMI), a newly established, woman-owned mapping firm, has opened its headquarters at 6 State Street, Suite 100, Bangor, Maine. KMI provides a wide range of photogrammetric mapping services, for all stages of mapping projects, to clients throughout the country.

KMI was founded by Claire Kiedrowski and Lori Phillips, who bring a combined 25 years experience in the photogrammetric mapping industry to the business, and by Robert Garster and Stevenson Sheppard, owners of Shyka, Sheppard & Garster Land Surveyors.

Kiedrowski, who has most recently served as a photogrammetric sales and marketing specialist, also has an extensive background in providing technical support for photogrammetric mapping firms and in mapping project management for utility companies. Her primary focus at KMI will be on client services and market development.

Phillips, a certified photogrammetrist with extensive experience in workflow design and analysis, softcopy photogrammetry techniques, and photogrammetric production troubleshooting, will serve as the production coordinator for KMI. Both Kiedrowski and Phillips are graduates of the University of Maine¹s Surveying Engineering program.

KMI¹s production staff can provide clients with a host of mapping services including project/flight planning, aerotriangulation, planimetric mapping, topographic mapping, and preparation of digital orthophotos and mosaics.

Source: KMI, Feb. 18, 2004