Autodesk Inc. announced the availability of new releases of Autodesk Map 2004, Autodesk Raster Design 2004 and Autodesk Map Series 2004.

Many companies are using Autodesk mapping software to efficiently create, manage and share digital design information and to eliminate time-consuming data conversion. Expanding the capabilities of earlier versions, Autodesk Inc. announced today the availability of new releases of Autodesk Map 2004, Autodesk Raster Design 2004, and Autodesk Map Series 2004. The Series is composed of Autodesk Map 2004, Autodesk Raster Design 2004, and Autodesk Envision 8 software, which is the newest version of the former Autodesk Onsite Desktop product. All of these applications are completely integrated to allow users to create, maintain, analyze, and present precise GIS and mapping data in a more intuitive way.

Autodesk Map Series gives customers the creation, integration, and maintenance tools of Autodesk Map 2004 plus the raster integration features in Autodesk Raster Design 2004 software, providing the complete toolset that customers can use and share throughout the project workflow. In addition, the Series gives users the complete AutoCAD 2004 functionality. Autodesk Map Series also combines these tools with the new, easy-to-use Autodesk Envision 8 software for display, query, and presentation of mapping and design data.

"Now mapping and infrastructure management professionals can use and share this toolset throughout all phases of workflow - creation, integration, maintenance, analysis, and presentation," said Chris Bradshaw, vice president of the Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions Division. "By purchasing Autodesk Map Series, GIS and mapping professionals not only receive great value but all the full-featured tools for parcel mapping, land use planning, outside plant/infrastructure design and management, and field service and maintenance."

Features & Benefits of Mapping Tools

Autodesk's new versions of its mapping software are part of an entire Autodesk workflow solution. Some of the latest enhancements are featured below.

Autodesk Map 2004 (For more Features and Benefits, go to

  • Specify color settings using true color and color books such as PANTONE(r), and apply gradient fills to polygon objects.
  • Identify, define, and manipulate data in a more intuitive way using classification.
  • Move beyond file-based systems with improved Autodesk Map and Oracle Spatial integration.

Autodesk Raster Design 2004 (For more Features & Benefits, go to

  • Select text or tables from scanned drawings or maps and convert them to AutoCAD text and multiline text (mtext) using Optical Character Recognition.
  • Adjust contrast and brightness using the Tonal Adjustment feature to enhance existing photos.
  • Manipulate individual colors and entire palettes for 8-bit images using Palette Manager.

Autodesk Envision 8 (For more Features & Benefits, go to

  • Extend the functionality of Autodesk Envision 8 software with new features in the Application Programming Interface (API) based on Microsoft .NET.
  • Take applications and data into the field with special tools and interface options to support Microsoft Tablet PC applications.
  • Direct support for AutoCAD 2004 DWG data, so you can capitalize on the world's leading CAD software data format.

Autodesk Map Series 2004 (For more Features & Benefits, go to

  • Save money and get three applications - Autodesk Map 2004, Autodesk Raster Design 2004 and Autodesk Envision 8 - in one powerful package.
  • Create highly precise maps and spatial databases, and benefit from a completely integrated solution that allows data to move cleanly from one function to the next while maintaining the precision required.
  • Access every tool needed for every stage in a mapping project. Create and edit map data; import and export other map files; perform analysis of spatial data; integrate raster information such as satellite imagery; author interactive maps for distribution using Autodesk's companion web and mobile technologies; take data into the field on Tablet PC devices.