Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) Released the LaserAce Scanner

Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL)released the first reflectorless total station and high-speed laser scanner. The LaserAce scannercombines reflectorless laser ‘point and shoot’ measurement technology with high speed laser scanning. The result is an instrument that can be used for both conventional total station surveys and 3D laser imaging. All data is stored internally on RAM cards, eliminating the need for external computers or loggers. Scenes can be viewed and scanned at up to 700 m without reflectors. Users can manually observe point and shoot; slowly scan a rectangle or polygon by arc or chord at 1 point per second; and fast-scan a rectangle or polygon at 250 points per second. The fast-scan feature generates a point cloud that can be viewed as a 3D laser image in MDL’s laser cloud viewing software or exported to a 3rd party package. (MDL, Houston, Texas)