Volo View 3 software connects the extended design team and allows them to communicate faster and with higher accuracy.

Autodesk Inc. introduced Volo View 3, its high-performance, review, markup, measure, and plotting tool for digital design data. Volo View 3 is developed for design review team members, even those without access to the originating design applications such as AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor software, to review designs and share feedback quickly and cost-effectively. Volo View 3 allows users to work with Autodesk’s DWF (Design Web Format), AutoCAD 2004 DWG and DXF, Autodesk Inventor 7 IDW, IPT, and IAM and raster files.

“Volo View 3 software gives users more functionality than any other Autodesk viewer – it enables them to not only view AutoCAD 2004 DWG and Autodesk Inventor 7 files, but to plot, measure and mark up critical design information without a risk of altering the design and without necessarily having familiarity with Autodesk design software,” said Amar Hanspal, senior director, Building Collaboration Services at Autodesk. “As a complete design review tool, it streamlines the team’s interaction and the design process by converting paper-based design reviews into a highly efficient digital process.”

Volo View 3 software transforms the design review process by connecting the extended design team – including the plan checker, project manager, design reviewer, CAD manager, vendor, supplier, client, consultant, and any other member of the team – and allowing them to communicate faster and with higher accuracy than ever before.

The product offers superior compatibility and visual fidelity with AutoCAD software, AutoCAD-based products and with Autodesk Inventor software. It makes efficient use of the same display and plotting engine as the AutoCAD 2004 program to ensure an accurate representation of the design while maintaining the designer’s intent.

“In addition to saving us up to 87 percent on paper costs by reducing the number of printed drawing sets we send to our extended review team, Volo View has helped to significantly improve the quality of our review cycles for plan submittals by allowing everyone on the review team to digitally access, mark up and annotate designs and to share their feedback and changes with ease and efficiency." – Patrick Noonan, Digital Submittals Project Manager, Mecklenburg County/City of Charlotte.

Volo View 3 fully supports the new DWF 6 enhanced collaboration and publishing file format and the strategic foundation of the entire product family. The DWF file format and Volo View 3 product help customers share data effectively for seamless design collaboration and communication throughout project lifecycles.