Available now for download by authorized dealers.

Topcon GPS+ Firmware version 2.3p1 has been officially released. It is available for download by authorized dealers from http://topcongps.com/software/firmware.html

Updates are available from your local dealer.

New features include:

  1. 1. The ability to specify a maximum number of satellites included in CMR messages.
  2. Output of GPS navigation data (sub-frames) in message.
  3. Processing of time corrections under GPS+GLONASS mode has been improved.
  4. Modified loops thresholds.
  5. Debugging/research messages dC,d2 in the default set of messages.
  6. New options DIST and CORI have been added.
  7. New event type has been added and the format of [==] message has been extended to support the new event type.
  8. The range of the scale factor in the object /par/datum/USER has been extended to +/- 1000. Also, the range of the rotations has been set to +/- 3600.0.
  9. The command that sets the type of a filter for smoothing pseudoranges has been added.
  10. Parameters for specifying reference station IDs that correspond to RTK inputs have been added.
  11. The range of the parameter /par/pos/pd/inuse has been changed. Now it is equal to -1 - 4095.