Lizardtech Software released Express Server 4.5, designed to enable fast, high-quality Internet viewing of images and documents of any size. Express Server 4.5 includes support for streaming MrSID Generation 3 lossless and lossy image types and provides additional geospatial viewing tools.

An ideal enhancement to existing Web servers, Express Server 4.5 allows organizations to efficiently serve high-quality MrSID images, DjVu documents and other popular image formats over a network to any client device. Lizardtech's GeoExpress with MrSID is a wavelet-based lossless and high-quality lossy imaging technology that dramatically increases the value of geospatial data by making it more accessible and useful while maintaining the highest level of quality and accuracy. Document Express with DjVu is LizardTech's document solution that reduces the file size of digital documents up to 1000 times compared with the original TIFF files and as low as two percent of the size of corresponding PDF files.

Key enhancements with Express Server 4.5 include the ability to deliver streaming MrSID Generation 3 images over the Internet, dramatically improving end user experience and providing faster image recognition of massive image mosaics. In addition, the Express Server 4.5 plug-in viewer adds support for mapping functionality, including measuring, overview, metadata viewing, and smart caching.

"The ability to receive streaming MrSID images in this latest release allows users to immediately view general features of an image while higher resolution data is quickly loading," said Karen Morley, Vice President, Geospatial Imaging. "Now faster than ever, you can locate an area or select an image and view what you need, when you need it."

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