Demographic data for every U.S. ZIP code and county in printed books and on CD-ROM.

ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS) released the 17th edition of The Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics, the 15th edition of The Sourcebook of County Demographics, and the 2003 edition of Sourcebook(America with ArcReader. The ESRI BIS sourcebook product suite provides the best and most current consumer demographic data available with query, sort, report, and map display software that organizations use to make critical marketing decisions.

"For nearly two decades, the ESRI Business Information Solutions sourcebook products have been the definitive reference tool for companies, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits," said David Huffman, managing director. "The combination of our superior demographic data with query, sort, and report software and ESRI's new ArcReader 8.3 map display software creates a product unmatched in the marketplace."

The Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics includes reference information such as the top ACORN consumer classification types for each ZIP Code and a directory of nonresidential ZIP Codes. The Sourcebook of County Demographics includes demographic data for every county in the United States. State maps with county boundaries are also included.

The 2003 edition of Sourcebook(America with ArcReader provides key 2003/2008 updated demographic data from the printed sourcebooks on one Windows-compatible CD-ROM. ESRI's ArcReader map display software is built into the Sourcebook(America with ArcReader CD, allowing users to pan, zoom, and create published maps from the demographic data. This new release also includes updates and projections for data such as population, age distribution, income, and more. Demographic spending potential indexes are also included for 20 categories such as financial services, home improvement, entertainment, home furnishings, apparel, automotive aftermarket, health insurance, pets, and pet supplies.