New product is worlds first reflectorless total station and high-speed laser scanner.

Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL), a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of laser measurement systems has released the worlds first reflectorless total station and high-speed laser scanner.

The new LaserAce scanner is based on MDL’s 20 year history in reflectorless instrumentation but now has the addition of a high speed laser scanner. Launched at Intergeo, Germany in October 2002 it has made an impact on the survey business enticing new customers and opening new markets.

The LaserAce Scanner is a new field instrument, which combines reflectorless laser ‘point and shoot’ measurement technology with high speed laser scanning. The result is a unique instrument, which can be used for both conventional ‘Total Station’ surveys including ‘point and shoot’, control observations as well as 3D-laser imaging. All data is stored internally on RAM cards therefore there is no need for external computers or loggers! Scenes can be viewed and scanned at up to 700m without reflectors.

Paul Fynn, of Johannesburg, South Africa mentions: “12 years of field experience in South African mines, quarries and construction sites using the MDL Quarryman ‘Scanners’ in wide ranging conditions above and below ground has shown that, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they do! The LaserAce Scanner takes surveying to a new level of productivity and capability, with many potential applications.”

By selecting from the ‘menu’ you can:

  • Manually observe point and shoot.
  • Slowly scan a rectangle or polygon by arc or chord at 1 point per second.
  • Fast scan a rectangle or polygon at 250 points per second.
  • The fast scan feature generates a ‘point cloud’ that can be viewed as a 3D laser image in MDL’s own laser cloud viewing software or exported to a 3rd party package.