Storage Area Networks (SANZ) introduced its EarthWhere 2.0 web-based spatial data management and provisioning application. Available for full commercial implementation beginning April 1, EarthWhere 2.0 provides a powerful solution to the pervasive problem of inefficient spatial data access suffered by GIS users. Use at EarthWhere 2.0 Beta sites indicates that the product provides as much as a 20-fold increase in productivity for spatial imagery users.

EarthWhere 2.0 is available either as a stand-alone software application or as part of an integrated appliance, EarthWhere Enterprise, which combines the software with leading data storage system technologies. In use, EarthWhere 2.0 rapidly searches terabytes of data and delivers customized spatial datasets to the end user desktop in minutes. It integrates seamlessly with ESRI, ERDAS, Intergraph and MapInfo systems and serves pre-processed datasets directly to these and other popular GIS and image processing products.

“Instant data access is a dramatic benefit to spatial data users at a time when file sizes and data volumes continue to grow. The 2.0 version of EarthWhere provides the ability to manage large data volumes and serve datasets to a large number of users simultaneously,” said Dr. Tina Cary, president of Cary and Associates, a Longmont, Co. marketing consulting firm advising SANZ. With 30 years of experience serving the digital mapping industry, Cary has first-hand knowledge of the data processing needs of GIS end users.

In a typical application, an end user logs onto EarthWhere from the desktop and uses its features to easily define a geographic area of interest. The application searches multiple raster datasets in the archive and returns a list of available files meeting the requested criteria. The user then taps EarthWhere processing capabilities to clip, combine, resample, re-project, and reformat the data on the fly before delivery to the desktop for further GIS processing. The total process time with EarthWhere typically takes minutes, in contrast to the hours or even days spent with current technologies and infrastructure.

“EarthWhere 2.0 solves the inter-related problems of data storage and data access, dramatically streamlining geospatial delivery and reducing data management costs,” said SANZ CEO John Jenkins. “In EarthWhere 2.0, SANZ has created the functionality, performance and scalability necessary to meet the multi-user, multi-dataset demands of Homeland Security and other government and commercial applications.”

Jenkins added, “Since 2000, SANZ has supported geospatial data users with data archiving and storage systems. By building this new provisioning application layer, we now provide a fully integrated data management solution. We believe that it took the SANZ storage system focus and expertise to understand and address comprehensively the real world problems faced by these users. We expect the EarthWhere product family quickly to make its place in the worldwide GIS industry, a market where, last year, software purchases totaled more than $1.1 billion and drove additional spending on data, hardware and related services of more than $6.5 billion.”