ImageStation couples advanced stereo image processing hardware and software with industry-leading 3D graphics accelerator for industrial productivity.

Z/I Imaging Corporation, an Intergraph Company, announced that it will integrate the latest 3Dlabs Wildcat4 graphics accelerator in the company's ImageStation photogrammetric hardware solutions - the ImageStation workstation and the ImageStation Stereo Softcopy Kit (SSK) - to deliver the industry's highest level of 3D graphics performance. Now available, the upgraded ImageStation hardware solutions represent Z/I Imaging's ongoing commitment to supply advanced stereo image processing power to meet the intensive demands of data exploitation for a range of computing budgets. The ImageStation and ImageStation SSK products are being demonstrated, today through May 9, at the annual American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), Anchorage, Alaska in the Z/I Imaging booth #400.

The new Wildcat4 7110 graphics accelerator increases graphics memory capacity to 256 MB and supports the AGP8X interface to boost graphics processing power. The power of the new Wildcat graphics makes it an ideal engine to support ImageStation's smooth roam capabilities at high resolutions, allowing operators to manipulate high-quality imagery, such as satellite and terrain data and digital data for small-scale or large-scale mapping at engineering accuracy acquired with Z/I Imaging's Digital Mapping Camera (DMC), in real time.

"Data exploitation environments are driven by intensive processing and instantaneous display requirements, with real- time performance and high image quality key to improving workflow efficiency," said Eric Grigorian, director, computational systems, Z/I Imaging. "3Dlabs has been a valued partner in providing field-proven 3D graphics for several generations of ImageStation products, allowing us to assure customers that our solutions will meet their photogrammetric production demands."

"Wildcat4 graphics technology was engineered to provide the superior graphics performance and excellent quality needed to address demanding high-end visualization environments, such as earth imaging and data exploitation," said Jerry Peterson, executive vice president and general manager at 3Dlabs. "Z/I Imaging's ImageStation equipped with the Wildcat4 7110 gives users break-through performance optimized for their environment."

ImageStation provides an optimized production platform offering seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies, such as the Wildcat4 7110, and a full suite of photogrammetric software applications combined with ergonomically designed computer components. User friendly, customizable hardware components include a configurable rack-mount storage enclosure, electronic, height-adjustable digitizing and monitor surfaces, a telescoping monitor surface, exclusive redesigned Solid State Hand-Held Controller for comfortable and reliable data operations, and high-end single or dual 21" and 24" monitors.

ImageStation SSK is a low-cost option that brings specialized, high-performance photogrammetry to desktop PCs through an easy-to-install hardware and software bundle. The kit includes robust ImageStation photogrammetric software applications for photogrammetric project setup, model orientations, stereo display, feature collection, and DTM collection and editing. The hardware components of the package are 3Dlabs' Wildcat4 7110 graphics accelerator, StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes stereo glasses and emitter and Immersion's 3D SoftMouse for precision digitizing.