New versions reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimize the value of digital design engineering and survey data.

Autodesk, Inc. announced the availability of Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, Autodesk Civil Design 2004, and Autodesk Survey 2004 software programs.

Together, these products offer an integrated set of powerful tools for creating, managing and sharing data across the entire project lifecycle. Individually, each product has been enhanced to include the performance benefits of AutoCAD(r) 2004 software, in addition to user-driven functionality that increases the value of this software as a tool for land development and engineering projects.

Each product is tightly integrated with AutoCAD 2004 and designed specifically for civil engineers and surveying professionals. The result is software that helps users create design and mapping data more quickly, easily share that information with team members, and manage their software investments more efficiently - helping save time and money and improving productivity. Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, a powerful drafting and land development planning tool, extends the capability of AutoCAD 2004 and Autodesk Map(tm) 2004 foundations, offering full DWG compatibility and delivering specific functionality such as points, coordinate geometry, terrain modeling, annotation, parcels, project management, and more. The package also incorporates the Autodesk Design Web Format(tm) (DWF(tm)), an enhanced collaboration and publishing platform that helps customers seamlessly communicate and share their digital design and mapping data. Autodesk Civil Design delivers engineering-specific capabilities for Land Desktop 2004 software, streamlining the design and drafting process for road and site design, grading, water, and wastewater. Autodesk Survey 2004 offers the most efficient way to get professional survey data to and from the field with full line work capabilities to communicate with many total station and GPS receivers.

"The future of civil engineering and surveying lies in the ability to capitalize on the value of digital data," said Chris Bradshaw, vice president of Autodesk's Infrastructure Solutions Division. "Autodesk remains the only company capable of providing an integrated toolset across these disciplines to create an unbroken chain of digital design and mapping data for use in any phase of a project lifecycle."

Enhancements for Autodesk's Civil Engineering and Surveying Tools

Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, Autodesk Civil Design 2004 and Autodesk Survey 2004 build on the success of prior releases by updating features and adding new functionality that delivers specific civil engineering and surveying benefits. A more detailed look at individual features and benefits can be found at

Autodesk Land Desktop 2004 (

Additional support for the import and export of LandXML civil engineering design and surveying data allows users to more easily share data with other applications

A more powerful reporting functionality provides users with the ability to generate custom reports directly from LandXML data

Autodesk Civil Design 2004 (

An updated vertical alignment editor provides a single interface for design, analysis, visual confirmation and reporting of vertical alignment design, allowing users to interactively design finished ground alignments using tabular or graphical input

Autodesk Survey 2004 (

Updated support for the TDS Link (Survey Link) to version 7.5.5 and updated support for Trimble(r) Link builds on Autodesk Survey 2004's ability to interface with a host of industry-standard survey instruments