This was held to promote the use of GIS irrespective of the formats and coordinate systems of the data being used.

A one-day Seminar on Open GIS jointly organized by Natural Resources and Data Management System (NRDMS), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Centre for Spatial Database Management & Solutions (CSDMS) and sponsored by Cadcorp was held at Taj Palace, New Delhi, India on 19th May 2003. The seminar was attended by around 95 top personals of GIS community from various parts of the country as well as overseas. The Seminar started with an introductory presentation by Dr R Siva Kumar, Head NRDMS, Department of Science and Technology on OGC and its programmes. Robert (Bob) Green field, Director, Asia Pacific, Cadcorp talked about the importance of Open GIS as well as explained why India has been chosen initially among other Asian countries for conducting Open GIS seminar. Martin Mc Garry, Director Marketing and Sales, UK, talked about the role of Cadcorp as a member of Open GIS Consortium (OGC). The Seminar was inaugurated by Maj Gen K K Naithani, MOGS GS who emphasized GIS with a new dimension: Geo-data Interoperability Specification.

This seminar on Open GIS was held in India to promote the use of GIS irrespective of the formats and coordinate systems of the data being used. This type of availability of interoperable data through web and specific software facilitate the use of GIS technology even to the non-GIS community. The first Session of the seminar was chaired by P Venketram, Advisor, CSDMS. In this session Government and Corporate speakers presented papers on the relevance and need of Open GIS: initiatives and Standards. On the Government user perspective Hrishikesh Samant of St. Xavier’s College presented the view of Academic institution. On the industry user perspective, Kapil Chhabra, RMSI and Bharti Sinha, Infotech presented paper. On the other side Martin Mc Garry, Cadcorp; Alok Sharma, Bentley and R S Rathi, Rolta talked on the Developer’s view.

Various Government and Private firms attended this seminar which includes National Institute of Science and Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS), CSIR; DIPAC; Ministry of Defense; ML Infomap Private Ltd; Department of Information and Technology, Ministry of Communication and Technology, National Informatic Centre; INCA informatics Pvt. Ltd; Bentley; Rolta; Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, NRSA; Kaizer Spatial Solutions; St. Xavier’s College; Infotech; Indian Institute of technology, Roorkee; PAN India Consultants Ltd; RITES Ltd; Hope Technologies; Eicher; RMSI.

The prime sponsor of the Seminar, Cadcorp demonstrated their new product Spatial Information System (SIS) to the participants. SIS provides GIS and digital mapping solutions for government, emergency services, utilities, insurance, local authorities, mapping agencies and many others. Cadcorp SIS software supports a vast range of formats without translation and uses the same software engine to power a series of core GIS applications designed to meet user specific requirements. SIS software runs on Microsoft Windows and is available as 'out-of-the-box' modules, ActiveX Developer Kits and Internet based GIS solutions.