Laser-Scan's advanced technology has helped drive increased productivity and data consistency at Ordnance Survey GB.

Laser-Scan has been working closely with the Photogrammetric Services (PS) department to re-engineer the Ordnance Survey Corporate Editor, the software system used to manipulate and update large scale data for the Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme. The objective of this work has been to both increase productivity of the PS operators and increase the consistency and accuracy of the final product. More details about the PAI Programme can be found at

The third phase of this upgrade work has just been completed; each new release of software has seen a significant rise in productivity, both from individual workstations and from the PS department as a whole.

This work is part of an on-going commitment by Ordnance Survey GB to enhance data quality by improving the accuracy and consistency of its data in rural areas.

Accurate geographic information is needed to underpin electronic government. Ordnance Survey GB is implementing the PAI programme to ensure that the large-scale dataset that underpins much of the UK economy and government service is consistent with the precision surveying techniques now universally employed.

Source: Laser-Scan, Dec. 10, 2003