Local geographers, oceanographers and technology specialists from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA) Coastal Services Center in Charleston, S.C., presented seminars on geographic information systems (GIS) to nearly 300 students at four local high schools on November 19 and 20.

Directed primarily to students studying such subjects as geography and marine and environmental science, the presentations introduced students to GIS and led them through the process for a particular project developed by the Center-GIS mapping of flood plains in the Tar River Basin in Tarboro, North Carolina. Some students also had the opportunity to see a GIS in action as they visited a state website in which they could determine if their own houses were in a hurricane surge zone. The presentations also highlighted various other examples of GIS applications and presented the career paths students can take to work with GIS.

The presentations were made in observance of national GIS Day, part of the National Geographic Society's Geography Awareness Week, Nov. 17 to 21, 2003.

The NOAA Coastal Services Center works to support the environmental, social and economic well-being of the coast by linking people, information and technology. To learn more about the Center, please visit www.csc.noaa.gov.

Source: SpatialNews, Dec. 2, 2003