RasterWare is a line of hardware/software systems.

ImageLinks, Melbourne, Fla., introduced RasterWare Appliances, a line of hardware/software systems that store, process and deliver customized geospatial imagery and related information directly to the end user’s desktop. Each of the three RasterWare Appliances product series combines storage of raster-based geographic information with advanced processing functions and algorithms in a customizable package.

ImageLinks RasterWare Appliances allow the end user to define a geographic area and extract the appropriate data sets from a variety of aerial, satellite and other raster imagery stored in the system. ImageLinks RasterWare technology processes the data to any format, map projection or other desired output parameter and then delivers the finished product directly into a desktop application for viewing, analysis, modeling or simulation.

ImageLinks has designed the RasterWare Appliances software to readily support all advanced 3D modeling, simulation and analysis functions. Future plans for RasterWare Appliances include enhancements focused on vertical-market applications. Visit www.imagelinks.com to learn more about ImageLinks.