Users can carry more and be more visible.

Positioning Resources Ltd. of Aberdeen announced the arrival of its in-house designed GIS Vest. Made with the mobile field worker in mind, the new GIS Vest combines an effective means of carrying equipment with the need to comply with health and safety regulations such as BSEN 471 British Standard for High Visibility Clothing, 1994.

The idea to develop a GIS Vest was the result of work with a variety of customers, who suggested that a standard backpack was not the most functional solution for their field data capture needs. The problem was two-fold. Firstly, many customers go for the complete field data capture solution (comprising, for example, PocketGIS Software running on a handheld PC along with DGPS, and in some cases, laser measuring devices as well) so there may be a lot of equipment to carry about. Secondly, field workers are often required to wear high visibility clothing while in the field. While the backpack was an effective way of carrying equipment, it could obscure important items of field clothing such as high visibility jackets.

Made from durable Cordura in luminous yellow, the vest has overcome the visibility problem as the backpack (for carrying DGPS) is integrated within the vest itself, allowing high visibility markings to be clearly seen. In terms of equipment carrying, the vest sports enough dedicated pockets and cable channels to enable workers to carry a neatly packaged complete data capture solution effectively while in the field.

Positioning Resources has vast field data capture expertise and has been providing positioning and mapping solutions to public and private sector organisations for the past 18 years. They also provide GPS systems to suit a variety of accuracy requirements as well as the latest in laser rangefinder hardware. PocketGIS Software was one of the first of its kind to run on hand-held computers when introduced in 1997.