Cyra Technologies Inc. Announced Cyclone 4.1

Cyra Technologies Inc.announcedCyclone 4.1. In Cyclone 4.1, users can automatically create accurate linework directly from point clouds along a given alignment or baseline. The feature uses standard alignment notation and works with alignments of any length containing both tangent and horizontal curve sections. Cyclone’s Virtual Surveyor tool, which lets users apply feature codes to points within a scan, has been enhanced. Cyclone 4.1 will let users edit point numbers and add fields as needed, as well as assign x,y,z point values. These enhancements will allow faster and more flexible creation of 2D and 3D maps regardless of the software used to process final linework. Animations of 3D data created in Cyclone can now be directly output in .AVI (Audio Visual Interleave) format. Cyra also released Cyclone CloudWorx 2.1 for AutoCAD that introduces automatic interference checking of proposed 3D CAD models against as-built point cloud data directly in the AutoCAD environment. Previously, such clash detection using CloudWorx was limited to visual detection only. Clashes between the point clouds and the design model can be easily identified and highlighted; adjustments can be made to the design plan to reflect this information. CloudWorx Pro 2.1 can also quickly and accurately fit intersecting planes as lines. Previously users were restricted to tracing over point cloud slices to create 2D lines. Now users can optionally best-fit 2D CAD line work to match slices of point cloud data, providing added quality assurance for 2D as-built drawings from laser scanning. (Cyra, San Ramon, Calif.)