Laser-Scan and Snowflake Software launch product package to enable effective exploitation of GML data.

This new offer brings together Radius Topology and GO Loader in a single package, with one easy-to-use interface. The combination offers up to £5000 off the usual price of the 2 products sold separately.

GO Loader provides a simple and efficient way to load any GML 2-compliant data format (eg OS MasterMap) into the Oracle9i database. Radius Topology, a dynamic topology management layer stored in Oracle9i, acts as a "data guardian", controlling the quality of the data as it enters the database.

GO Loader has been designed and proven to integrate with Radius Topology; together they provide a uniquely powerful means of managing spatial data within Oracle.

Benefits for users include:

  • Out-of-the-box topology model for OS MasterMap data storage in Oracle
  • Full customisation to meet individual users' needs
  • Separate use of GO Loader and Radius Topology if required
  • Laser-Scan and Snowflake's joint expertise - over 25 years experience in working with databases and producing OS MasterMap*

See Radius Topology and GO Loader working together during the recent GML Relay in the Netherlands