New product boasts over 30 new features including aerial photos at 1-meter resolution.

Maptech's New Terrain Navigator Pro aims at bringing the benefits of using USGS topographic maps and Aerial Photos to a wide spectrum of professions that rely on detailed maps for work or recreation. Over 30 new features give users a wide selection of tools to customize the maps for land surveying, real estate, forestry, land management, public safety, homeland security, fire fighting; as well as recreational uses from hunting and hiking to genealogy.

Instantly navigate from a USGS topographic map to an Aerial Photo. With a few clicks you can view a topo map side by side with an aerial photo in 2-D or 3-D. Topos and aerial photos can be printed in 2-D or 3-D. Collect and organize an entire project showing photos, reports, drawings, and other key resources all geo-referenced to the actual map with GeoPin hyperlinks - a new drag and drop Maptech feature. Terrain Navigator Pro is available for the entire United States. Each state or region retails for $299.95 and includes all the USGS topographic maps for the area on CD-ROMs with instant Internet access to the related Aerial Photos at 1-meter resolution via the Maptech web site. Visit for a complete tour.

Cartography Details:

  • USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM at 1:24/25,000 (7.5 minute series) and 1:100,000 scales
  • Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQQs) at 1-meter resolution with a 1-year subscription to Maptech web site
  • View and print topo maps and aerial photos in 2-D and 3-D

Select Highlights: See the complete tour at

  • Print customized paper topos or aerial photos on office or large format printers
  • Produce reports and presentations quickly and inexpensively with maps, photos and video clips
  • Organize projects with GeoPins -digital photos, spreadsheets, reports hyperlinked to maps
  • Street addresses - roll cursor over topos and aerial photos to see address or use the search feature
  • GPS Ready - transfer data between your PC and popular handheld GPS receivers
  • Pocket Navigator compatible - transfer topos to Pocket PCs - be mobile from the office to the field
  • Measure distances, areas and elevation changes instantly
  • Copy maps and aerial photos to your hard drive for faster performance and convenience
  • Drawing - add marks, lines, areas, notes, range rings, and symbols to customize your maps
  • Topo maps: view and print choices - Seamless or with Collars - seamless turns multiple maps into one map image - even at 4-corner intersections
  • Elevation Data and Line-of-Sight calculations - including tower height offsets
  • GIS & CAD Ready - export maps and aerial photos into GIS and CAD applications

System Requirements: Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT or XP; Pentium-class CPU; CD-ROM; 32 MB of RAM; 256 color display (16/24/32 bit color for 3-D; Open GL Video Accelerator recommended for optimal 3-D performance; mouse or drawing equivalent; Internet connection required for access to aerial photographs via the Maptech web site.